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TN government announces crop loan waiver for farmers in Salem, Namakkal districts

Chennai, January 7 (PTI): Crop loans in the amount of Rs 501.69 crore granted to 51,017 farmers in the districts of Salem and Namakkal in Tamil Nadu will be canceled to allow them to benefit from new loans for grow crops, said Minister of State Cooperatives I Periyasamy. Friday and assured that appropriate measures would be taken to prevent irregularities from recurring in the future.

Irregularities in the disbursement of loans to farmers in the two districts, in violation of standards set by the state-level technical committee for loan disbursement and disproportionate to their land, were brought to light during the a field survey carried out by the cooperative department. ” As of January 2021, approximately 1,833 farmers in Salem and Namakkal districts received waiver certificates for crop loans taken out while waiver certificates were not provided to 51,017 ryots due to irregularities “, said the minister to the Assembly.

Out of a target of crop loans worth Rs 11,000 crore to state farmers set for 2020-21, the target for Salem and Namakkal has been set at Rs 746 crore and Rs 534 crore respectively. . But only Rs 614.92 crore and Rs 502.62 crore respectively were achieved for the two districts. Although maize and tapioca were the main crops, the loan amount for these two crops was less (compared to other crops). Farmers in these two districts provided a self-declaration that they grew turmeric and bananas and were out of proportion to their land to claim the benefits. This was revealed during the investigation on the ground ”, declared the Minister. When the agricultural loan exemption was announced in January 2021, a total of 1,833 farmers in Salem and Namakkal districts received the exemption certificates and 51,017 people were excluded due to the irregularities. Following a representation of farmers from the two districts, Chief Minister MK Stalin, considering the interests of farmers and farmers, agreed to forgo their loans to pave the way for new loans. About 51,017 farmers would benefit from this gesture. In addition, appropriate precautionary measures will be taken to avoid any irregularities in the future, ” the minister said.

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