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Suretys ™ Policies and Pre-Approval Help Credit Unions Attract Younger Car Buyers and Take More Loans

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NEW HAVEN, Connecticut – (BUSINESS WIRE) –
Bonds Inc., a digital insurance provider that replaces the need for a co-signer for auto loans and rentals, today announced that it is now underwriting its PlusOne policies through credit unions in Texas. In addition, Suretys also announced a mobile-optimized digital pre-approval process that allows credit unions to develop first-time car buyer programs tailored to the expectations of new members and younger people who don’t. have no established credit history. “Consumers love Suretys’ fully digital pre-approval process. It’s easy, quick and convenient to do on their cell phone, tablet or laptop, ”said Ed Bolles, Co-Founder and COO of Suretys.

Suretys PlusOne policies and pre-approval programs by Suretys improve the ability of credit unions to serve and attract first time buyers who present good risk but have little or no credit history. “Before Suretys, first-time buyers weren’t sure how much they could afford and typically had to find a co-signer or pay exorbitant rates to get a loan,” said Josh Minsky, founder and CEO of Suretys. “But not everyone has a willing and able family member to co-sign.”

The Suretys Pre-Approval program allows first-time homebuyers to shop with confidence knowing they can lease or buy a car up to the maximum amount for which they have been pre-approved. With this number in hand, they can conclude their best offer on their own, without a co-signer.

Suretys PlusOne’s policies and pre-approval products by Suretys conform to the “member first” mentality of credit unions, as it is a true win-win offer for dealers, lenders and others. consumers. “Suretys enables auto sales that would not otherwise occur, reduces the cost of financing for the member, and enables the credit union to issue more loans in a more cost effective manner while protecting the credit union against loan losses in the event of default. It’s a unique product that puts everyone on the same side of the table, ”concluded Minsky.

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Suretys PlusOneTM is an innovative insurance product that replaces the need for co-signers for car buyers with little or no credit history. Suretys has developed a proprietary credit risk assessment model that leverages bank data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to qualify borrowers. PlusOne policies eliminate auto loan risk for lenders, like private mortgage insurance (PMI). PlusOne is a trademark of Suretys Inc.

Suretys was founded in 2018 with its headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut. For more information visit Where

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