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Beaver Valley Country Store enjoys partnership | Local news

BEAVER SPRINGS – SEDA-COG Local Development Corporation recently assisted Beaver Valley Country Store, LLC with an SBA 504 (Small Business Association) loan to purchase Saylor’s Market.

The Route 522 store in Beaver Springs is now owned by Steve Witmer, Aaron Witmer, Rick Maloyed and John Anthony. They were assisted by SEDA-COG Local Development Corporation as part of a partnership with Mifflinburg Bank and Trust Company. The SBA 504 loan program provided the borrower with a 25-year, low-interest, fixed-rate loan for 35% of the total financing requirement.

John Reichard, SEDA-COG Commercial Relations Manager and Tina Showers, Senior SEDA-COG Program Analyst, worked with the four owners and Amber Gabrielson, Commercial Lender at the Selinsgrove branch of Mifflinburg Bank and Trust Company, to complete this setup. financial.

“We felt like we had a great team for the project,” Maloyed noted. “Mifflinburg Bank & Trust and SEDA-COG have been very helpful in guiding us through this process. “

Beaver Valley Country Store not only includes a bakery, but also offers fresh produce, meat, frozen foods, delicatessen, and other items. You store’s Facebook page will feature weekly flyers and event announcements (

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