Would pull up the credit scores of the disabled class

11 Mar 2011

In the past, the loan facilitator would simply refuse the borrowers who are surviving on benefits offered by the department of social security. People surviving on benefits were mentally or physically disabled people. They did not have any extra source of income and this dependency factor led the lenders to refuse loans. Maintaining a bad credit history already gives negative impression in the minds of the lenders as this is another factor that determines the repayment ability of the borrower. If the person is relying on benefits and do not have good records, then his hopes for a good future would be doomed. Now, the lenders have changed their policies and framed different loan schemes to up lift the standards of bad creditors surviving on benefits. One of them is bad credit loans for people on benefits. It means that a disabled person with an adverse credit score can apply for this particular loan who is already surviving on benefits.

If you have a computer with an internet connection at home, it would be convenient for you to find online lenders who would assure you by offering bad credit loans for people on benefits at competitive rates.  You need to be wise enough to compare and choose the best deal. By offering any collateral, you would be able to go for higher loan amount at lower rate of interest. Without any collateral, you need to repay higher rate of interest along with the lower loan amount. The loan amount would range between £1000 and £75000. The repayment period would range between 1 and 10 years. Your loan application would not be rejected on the grounds of any other bad factor like county court judgments, IVA, bankruptcy, etc.

You would be able to apply online for this loan scheme. Good negotiation skills with Loans for People on Benefits would let the borrower fetch a loan amount at a reasonable rate of interest even without putting any collateral. The loan amount would be immediately sanctioned and transmitted to your bank account on mentioning relevant details related to DSS benefits for a minimum period of 8 months, citizenship of UK and bank account details.


It is already a tough task for the person to survive in this harsh world with the limited benefits offered by the department of social security. If the credit score of the disabled person is showing poor status, situations would be more adverse. In order to uplift them from the state of helplessness, the lenders have come up with the new concept of loans known as bad credit loans for people on benefits. Applying online would be convenient as it would save your time, money and energy.

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