Unsecured loans for people on benefit: Avail finance with no security

15 Jan 2010

There are some benefits allotted by government to the people who are unable to earn money due to disability, underemployment or having old age. The funds received from DSS benefits are enough to carry out planned financial requirements. But when some unexpected cash crisis occurs disabled people might feel helpless and stressed out. This impels such people to apply for a loan. It is likely possible that you may not have any asset to pledge against the loan. Don’t panic! With the provision of unsecured loans for people on benefit disabled people can now entail quick fiscal relief, so that they can satisfy their urgent needs and desires within due time. These loans are unsecured in nature which means you don’t have to place any security against the loan.

The loans for people on benefit could be a great way to say good bye to unexpected financial troubles without placing any security. The amount offered by these loans is sufficient enough to a number of purposes without any obstacle.  

It is very easy to apply for these loans. All you need to do is to fulfill simple loan approval criteria which may consist your age of not less than 18 years and you must be holding an active valid bank account with some savings along with that you must be living on DSS benefits from past 6 months.

Under unsecured loans for people on benefit, you don’t have to place any asset as security to the lender against the loan. These loans are given for short period with flexible repayment term. The interest rates on these loans are a bit higher due to lack of collateral. To grab a cost-effective loan deal, you are suggested to search out competitive online market carefully.  

Loans for people on benefit allow you to avail these loans without any hassles as there is no credit checking, no collateral placement and faxing formalities involve. So, the approval of these loans comes faster and easier.


Unsecured loans for people on benefit are the most favorable tool available for disabled tenants and non-homeowners to access good financial assistance for their needs, without placing any collateral against the loan.

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