Personal Loans for People on Benefits: Cash in Distraught Times

People on benefits depend on the remuneration they get from the department of social security. They are deprived of external financial help from the market. Personal loans for people on benefits are especially designed for those who are trapped in financial crisis. With this loan, the bad credit people can also avail loan amount to fulfil their needs.

This loan can be found in two forms, secured and unsecured form. A borrower can avail secured forms of loan at low rate of interest, but unsecured forms of loan charges high rate of interest. With this loan process the interest rate varies from 5% to 19.9% APR. Lenders require some property or valuable asset as collateral in secured forms of loan, but not in unsecured forms of loan.
The loan amount depends on the borrower’s income and repaying ability which is decided by the lenders. Usually people can borrow £30 to £1000, but sometimes lenders approve loan amount which ranges from £500 to £250,000. The repayment tenure of personal loans for people on benefits is flexible, which is decided by the borrower’s financial position. The repayment tenure can be as long as 25 years.

A borrower can use the money for any purpose; they can pay medial bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, grocery bills, shopping bills, etc. without any delay as the money is deposited electronically to their bank account within 24 hours of loan approval. A borrower can also invest the money in stock market or in any small business to make some profit and repay the loan within time.

UK citizens who are more than 18 years of age are eligible for personal loans for people on benefits. A lot of offline and online lenders are ready to offer this loan. One needs to search for a trustworthy lender for a good deal. Generally the interest rate is lower with an online lender than any offline lender.


Personal loans for people on benefits are especially designed for those people who are unemployed due to any disability, illness, and diseases and facing financial trouble, to fulfil their requirements. With this loan, one can avail loans with or without any security deposit.

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