Ideal cash option for disabled

21 June 2010

Are you unable to find cash help since you live on benefits offered by DSS? It is a common sight to find people on benefits trapped in cash emergency. To help over come such borrowers pout of cash crisis loan lenders have arranged loans for people on benefits. As the name suggest, they are specially arranged cash solution designed keeping in mind the cash need of people living on benefits.

People living on benefits can apply for bad credit loans for people on benefit to take care of different expenses such as for pending bills, to pay due rent, education fee and travelling expenses and so on. They are short term loans that do not require any pledging of collateral prior to approval. However, there are certain requirements that you will need to meet to apply for these loans. You must be on DSS benefits for the past 6 months, have a saving of at least £500, be above the age of 18 and hold an active bank account.

Approval against loans for people on benefits will let you get an amount ranging up to £1,500. To repay you will get one month tenure. Ensure that you repay back the approved money on time to avoid from getting tagged with bad credit tags. After approval the borrowed money will get deposited into your account directly by the lenders.     

Bad credit history borrowers suffering from arrears, default, CCJs, IVAs, insolvency and late payment can also apply and acquire these loans without any hassle. Timely repayment of the received money will give you an opportunity to mend your credit rating.

There is no need of pledging any collateral to apply for loans for people on benefits. You will also not have to face the hassle of faxing personal and financial documents. Approval of these loans is possible within 24 hours of applying.     

For best terms and rates of loans for people on benefits browse through the various loan lending websites. Collecting free loan quotes and comparing them will help you find a loan deal suiting your cash need and budget. To apply you will just need to fill in an online application form and submit it to the lenders.


Loans for people on benefits are cash assistance arranged specially keeping in mind the cash need of borrowers living on benefits. These loans can be obtained within a very short time span without facing time consuming formalities and paperwork. People living on benefits can easily get instant cash that they can make use of to deal with any sort of expenses that needs to be fixed fast.

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