Ease Your Financial Strain with Loans for People on Benefit


People on benefit are those who are under certain benefits from department of social security in UK. People get classified into this category due to underemployment or some kind of disability and ailments. Whatever maybe the reason, such people can avail a loan during any financially crunch situation. These loans are placed under the category of loans for people on benefit. In the recent time there has been rise in the number of such people and hence a number of lenders have come up with loans specially designed to suit their interest.

Important facts

These loans can be of both natures secured as well as unsecured. With secured loans you need to pledge collateral whereas unsecured loans are collateral free.

With loan for people on benefit it is possible to borrow an amount in the range of £50 to £1000. With secured kind of loan bigger amount can be borrowed. However, most of people under benefit prefer unsecured form of loan which does not risk any property as collateral and lenders charge slightly higher interest rate. Interest rate for these loans is around 5% APR variable to 19.9% APR variable. Typically interest rate is 7.7% APR.


Repayment should be seen as most important part of these loans and are needed to be planned very well. Making defaults or opting for loan sharking can make the situation worse and hence should be avoided. One should borrow an amount judging his/her ability to pay back in time. Even if it is unsecured loan lender can repossess the borrower of some valuable property in case loan is not paid in time. So, pre planning is very important to receive the full benefit of this loan.


To get the offers of various lenders and to have a chance of comparing them it is necessary to apply online and get the quotes of various lenders. Loans for people on benefit are offered by traditional lenders as well.


Being on benefit never means that doors of loan market are closed. Competition in the market has forced the lenders to look for every kind of customer. So, instead of getting worried during financial crunches, people on benefit can go out and find a lender offering a loan specially designed to suit their interest in the guise of loans for people on benefit. The loan amount can be put to any kind of use.

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