Unsecured Loans For People On Benefit

There is general myth among the residents of UK that people on benefit are deprived of any external financial help from the market. Situation has changed a lot. You can be under benefit due to any of the following reasons - under employment per week, any physical ailments or some other relevant reasons. And truly saying, now a lot of opportunities are waiting for these people out there. More over options are still available if the borrower doesn’t want to put his or her property at risk due to some personal reasons. For them, lenders have come out with unsecured loans for people on benefit.

As the name implies these loans are of unsecured type. So the borrower doesn’t have to put any type security against the loan amount. A homeowner may has his or her own reasons not to keep home as a security. But still he is eligible for these loans. Loan can be borrowed due to any personal need of the borrower like meeting an urgent need of finance or going for an exotic holiday trip.

Figures and facts

An amount starting from £500 can be borrowed through these unsecured loans for people on benefit. The amount can be decided by the lender depending upon your ability to pay back and some other financial facts. These loans can be availed by any UK citizen. Homeowner, tenants and all salaried persons are eligible to get these loans. As the lender is advancing finance without taking any type of security from you, so you may be charged with a bit high interest rate. It can be anything in the range of 11.2% APR to 20% APR. People with bad credit are also eligible to avail such loans. But as the lender will sanction the loan amount in spite of your bad credit history so terms and conditions can be a little stringent in these case. Repayment period must be decided judiciously by the borrower in this case, as the money on benefit is the only resource for him to repay the loan. So with a proper pre planning and homework he should decide everything.

With the increasing competition in the market nowadays a number of lenders are daily coming out with various new plans regarding unsecured loans for people on benefit. So you would not get any difficulty to find you the best deal.


Unsecured loans for people on benefit provide cash support to persons who are living on benefits and can’t provide collateral for any reasons. A reasonable amount with comfortable repayment tenure is the feature of these loans. One should put in exhaustive search to squeeze in a profitable deal.

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